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Photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz .. made a rather spur-of-the-moment decision to quit their jobs and devote a season to assembling a modest hideaway entirely out of recovered materials.

The Milwaukee-based couple rented a U-Haul and set out for Appalachia, scavenging and purchasing materials along the way for a project they estimate costed them only about $500.

(via Found-Material Woodland Retreat Was Built With Only $500 - Adaptive Reuse - Curbed National)

"Adaptive reuse."

It is pretty ironic that the so-called ‘least advanced’ people are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us, while the richest and most powerful among us are the ones who are trying to drive the society to destruction.

Markets are lethal, if only because of ignoring externalities, the impacts of their transactions on the environment….When you turn to energy production, in market exchanges each participant is asking what can I gain from it? You don’t ask what are the costs to others. In this case the cost to others is the destruction of the environment. So the externalities are not trivial.


Due to Sweden’s innovative waste-to-energy program and highly efficient recycling habits, the Scandinavian nation faces an interesting dilemma. They have run out of trash.

Sweden’s waste management and recycling programs are second to none as only four percent of the nation’s waste ends up in landfills.

Models of Sustainability: Sweden Runs Out of Garbage - The Pachamama Alliance | The Pachamama Alliance

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Step two: Power Down.
Step three: eradicate overconsumption.
Step four: heal the earth.

The Next Eco-Warriors:

“At its heart, this movement sought to give political form to an awareness that predates Buddhism but is at the same time as new as the science of interdisciplinary ecology. It grew out of a flickering awareness that all our relationships are political, and that the crucial political relationships with which we must concern ourselves now have almost nothing to do with the man’s relation to man, but with man’s relation to the Earth itself.

“It is our relationship to our planetary environment, which is the most important issue of all. All human structures inevitably rest upon it.”

“The time has arrived when we must begin to examine the underlying realities of our relationship to all life around us. … Otherwise, in our lifetimes, we shall suffer the enactment of the saga of Genesis: our expulsion from paradise and the fall of nature itself.”


Excerpted from Emily Hunter, “The Next Eco-Warriors.” Red Wheel / Weiser Conari, 2011.




Icaro Doria, a Brazilian man, working for a magazine in Portugal started this campaign using real data from the UN and flag images, he’s created whats known as Meet the World. The colors within the flags from its respective country are used to represent current, geographical relevant issues. Take a look.

This is kind of awesome.

this is so creatively important

Ask yourself: How many “First World” problems have you complained about today?
This week?
Would any of them be represented by the color-majority regions above?
If not, chances are you don’t actually have problems. Perhaps “dilemmas” or “quandaries.” But almost certainly not “problems.”

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